Horse Ownership Workbook, by Michelle Kingston: $22.95 - Michelle's workbook is designed to prepare owners for fantastic, responsible ownership, by helping them understand and plan for all the factors involved in providing for a horse's physical, mental & emotional well being. This workbook was developed through Lazy Acres Equine's lesson program, drawing on the conversations and homework assignments used to assist our clients at the stable. Many times we find that our students had preconceived notions about the annual cost of horse ownership, or the value of keeping a horse at home in their own care. This workbook is designed to stimulate conversations and exploration, as well as preparation.


Horse Ownership Workbook + 1 hr Consultation: $50 - This package provides students with a 1 hour private coaching session with Michelle Kingston (a $60 value), in-person or by phone, in addition to Michelle's Horse Ownership Workbook. This is a wonderful tool to support people considering getting their first horse, or for current horse owners with questions. Michelle customizes coaching assignments in workbook for client's individual needs.


Rescue/ Adopting a Horse Consultation Program: With so many horses in rescues (and more in need every day), adoption and/or rescue is a low cost way to get a horse AND do something you can feel really good about! More than half of the horses at Lazy Acres Equines were rescues. We have extensive experience with horses from the Humane Society and  ASPCA confiscations, slaughter rescues, post track organizations, as well as private individuals just desperately needing to re-home a horse. For years, we have worked with these diverse horses and organizations ad helped many clients successfully adopt. If you are considering adopting, please let us help you!

  Lazy Acres staff will help you select a horse, we will help you project the real price of rescuing each horse- analyzing the care and needs you can expect in the first few months, first year etc. Through the years we have discovered many hidden costs that clients weren't aware of.  Let us support you in your adoption process.

A 1 time phone consult with review of horse and organization, first year cost projections, goal setting, and match analysis  JUST $35!

A Guided Search with 3 phone consultations on multiple organizations and adoption opportunities: $95

POST ADOPTION SERVICES: Most of our clients find that these horses need more than just groceries! We love to support new adoptions (and not so new too!) We will tailor a program for you and your horse. We offer education for both horse and owner, rehabilitation services, equipment fitting, socialization and behavioral modification, along with nutritional services. We believe an educated horse has more, and frankly, better options in life. 

Are you post-rescue and need a phone consultation to create a plan? Schedule your post adoption consultation for just $35 today! 


Michelle on Count Chocula

Michelle on Count Chocula