Michelle Kingston

Owner, Instructor

Michelle has a B.S. in Agricultural Biology from UVM. The author of the Horse Ownership workbook, she speaks about the topic at public seminars and is passionate about promoting responsible, fantastic horsemanship. She loves helping students create mentally, emotionally and physically healthy horses that stay sound well into their geriatric years. Michelle's background includes over 10 years of natural horse training theory and technique. She also specializes in helping students overcome fear.

Michelle focuses on helping students transition from beginner to intermediate riders, which includes goal setting and attainment, horse selection and preparation, and  individual preparation. She loves helping people move from "how horses make them feel" to "having something of value to offer a horse". 



Tim Kingston

Owner, Instructor

With a background in natural horse training, Tim enjoys starting colts and mounted shooting. He specializes in desensitizing horses to prepare for challenging disciplines - like mounted shooting! - and also likes helping students get started with horses. He offers specialty services in tack and equipment selection and fit. He loves helping folks find gear that it just right for their horse and their goals. 


Lindsay Markowski


Lindsay Markowski has been involved in the horse industry for almost 20 years. Starting in 4H, Lindsay attended numerous shows and was an Eastern State 4H Delegate three years in a row. She eventually went on the AQHA and PHBA Circuit where she and her family's Two Time World Champion stallion, Spanish Evade won numerous classes and the AQHA Region 6 Championship in Amateur Trail. During this time, interest in Equine Reproduction peaked from breeding Spanish Evade and soon Lindsay headed south. She has worked at some of the largest Reining/Reined Cow Horse and Western Pleasure breeding facilities in the country. She has also ridden with some of the best NRCHA and NRHA trainers and is very thankful for the knowledge she acquired from riding with them.  Her interest is in the Reined Cow Horses, Reiner's, Western All Around and Hunter Under Saddle Horses. She believes in developing good and knowledgeable riders and horses to reach their full potential.


kristen Markowski


Kristen is a graduate of the University of Findlay with a degree in Equine Studies-Training and also competed on the Varsity IHSA Team in Open. She started off showing in 4-H and local shows, then progressed to the AQHA circuit. She has qualified and competed at AQHYA World Show, placed 6th at the Quarter Horse Congress out of 97 riders, 4th in Extreme Trail at the Equine Affaire, and in 2011 became a 2x PHBA World Champion with their family's stallion, Spanish Evade.

Kristen has experienced a big variety of equine disciplines but favors the English/Hunter Under Saddle and Western Riding/Pleasure. Not only has she had success in the show ring but her clients carry on to have success with their horses. She believes in creating a happy and willing horse, and building a bond between horse and rider. 


Ellen Miller- Owner of the ellen miller riding school

Instructor/clinician who teaches at Lazy Acres Equines biweekly

Ellen began her dressage education with a German certified trainer in Thailand where she spent her childhood. This education continued when she returned to the United States as a teenager and began to work for the American Dressage Institute in Saratoga. At ADI Ellen was exposed to some of the first “upper level” dressage training this country had to offer, riding with Spanish Riding school greats such as Franz Rochowansky, Arthur Kottas, Col. Hans Moeller, and Ernst Bachinger. She learned about horsemanship at the highest level, rode many of this country's first Grand prix schoolmasters, and was exposed to the art and passion of dressage by Michael and Tom Poulin, Janet Black, Lockie Richards, Mrs. Howard Serrell.

After ADI disbanded, Ellen followed Janet Black to the Poulin’s farm in Maine before continuing on to New Jersey to build her own clientele, many of whom she still teaches today. She later traveled to Denmark, purchasing Frostfire, who took her to 9th in the nation at Grand prix in 1987 and got her a spot long listed for the Pan Am games. Ellen imported many quality horses from Denmark after this for students and clients, trained her horse Indius to the Grand Prix after his Grand Prix jumping career, continued to show nationally, did many classical dressage demonstrations including the Vermont Mozart festival which gave a beautiful dressage exhibition for 20 years, and developed her true passion which is the riding school.

Ellen has trained many students and horses to FEI level, and still travels up the East coast teaching and clinicing. She has students from all disciplines- eventers, hunter/jumpers, trail riders, western pleasure riders and, most recently, people that participate in mounted shooting. Though trained classically in dressage, Ellen has an eclectic horse background; at different points in her career, she has exercised race horses, worked on a harness track, ridden steeple chasers, ridden cross country, schooled hunt horses in Virginia, competed at Madison Square garden as a hunter/jumper, and even played polo. She is a passionate educator, teacher, and advocate for the horse.

Please visit her website at www.constancehillfarm.com.