Focus On Success- Heidi's Story!

Heidi has been studying horsemanship here at Lazy Acres Equines for a few years now. I asked her recently to share her thoughts on her success. Heidi reports that the things she has learned from horses are assertiveness and leadership. She reports that being assertive and having effective leadership skills transfer from the barn to work and home as well! 

I asked "what advice would you have for someone who is interested in horses or just starting this journey?" She answered "take lessons". She has found it beneficial to know about horses before committing to ownership. "They are not like dogs! You must understand their behavior first." She advises understanding the different temperaments of horses and matching that with your own, so you get the type you really want. "They all have different personalities" she reports, and you will click with some more than others. 

She also advises students to jump in, not to worry about being perfect. She has seen the joys of both riding and ground work, she loves that ground work is available to anyone, even those who can't ride. It (groundwork) makes horses accessible to anyone!

"They (horses) tell you who you really are as a human being."

When asked to name her biggest success she says it's Riding With Confidence! She reports that riding had always been a dream, but being "mature" and dealing with some chronic injuries "I wasn't sure it could happen". While she loved horses and the idea of riding, "I didn't think about being in charge of the horse and it's mind, when I was, it was hard to be confident!" She reports that she is conquering that! She now rides multiple horses, different sizes, shapes, personalities and disciplines. She encourages new people to do their homework, analyze and learn as much as possible! 

When asked what she is focusing on now, she reports quality ownership. She reports seeing situations where the horse just can't (physically or emotionally) do what you want to do. She wants to have a plan for success in those situations, but wonders if we ever really know what we will want to do in the future. How do great owners handle a current horse, while they get ready for the next one? (No, worries! I have a few thoughts on that subject!)

I asked Heidi what is next for her. What does she dream about? She reports...her own horse! :)