Focus On Success- Late Bloomer

 Martha’s Story

Martha & Luke.JPG

     If you have spent any time in our barn, you know either Martha, or her horse Luke. Martha was almost 60 years old when she took her first lesson at Lazy Acres. After some lessons, Martha decided to do the Horse Ownership Coaching and completed the workbook assignments. Once her coaching course was complete, Michelle took her horse shopping. It took a while to find the right horse, but, Martha has owned Luke for about two years now.

     “Everything is given to you at the perfect time” explains Martha. She says “since I was six years old I wanted a horse, there was always a draw to them.” Many times, really for decades, Martha believed her desire to have a horse would never be met. She tells us “it’s never too late to start with horses. Let the desire drive you, don’t allow life to get in the way.”

     When asked about the lessons she has learned along the way, she includes learning to ask a better question. She reports finding success with Luke by not allowing herself to stay in that “stuck” place. “Just try or start, and success shows up!” Martha also describes learning that the limitations she believed she had, were only in her imagination. She has found ways through or around each challenge. “It’s encouraging because there is always something more to learn.”

   I asked her what the number one lesson has been in this journey. She smiles as she says “the value of just showing up.” She follows up with “and the value of being quiet enough to listen to Luke.”

   The biggest challenge on the journey has been “letting my yes be yes and my no be no. Clarity and follow through. Basically, aligning my intentions and my actions.”

    Martha continues “It’s okay to fall back here and there. A bad week will erase itself if you show up for your horse. It’s true of people too. Whatever age you are- if you love horses- do it! Allow yourself to be surprised at the things that will show up. You won’t know unless you try, once you try your perspective changes. Don’t be afraid to commit, and don’t see it as an all or nothing commitment. Just take one lesson at a time.

     If you are passionate, the horse and the instructor will pick up on that. It’s not up to you and you alone, there’s lots of help along the way. If you just start- things open up and things will just start to happen. I dragged my feet, I hesitated to set up the first lesson. I have this passion and there is no denying it. It’s the best thing I ever did!”

Michelle’s Thoughts:

     When I started this interview with Martha, I realized I never have known her age. I love that she got her first horse at sixty! Her words are inspiring. What I find remarkable about Martha is her willingness to try new things. She jumps at every opportunity to try or learn something new. She doesn’t allow her comfort zone to hold her back….we often say here…..nothing grows inside the comfort zone. Martha’s willingness to jump out of her comfort zone is what has created her success. Her partnership with Luke is one of a kind and they have been just great for each other!