Lessons & Training

Lazy Acres Equines helps clients build solid foundations in horsemanship that will keep them safe and ensure that students of all levels progress. From supporting students just beginning their journey with horses, to helping experienced riders identify and fill holes in their foundation, we want our clients to have a mastery of the fundamentals of horsemanship.

Compassionate, knowledgable instructors are flexible to different learning styles, while staying focused on building solid foundations in horsemanship for all students. Novices and beginners are very welcome at Lazy Acres! Our instructors work with clients to set individualized goals, design customized learning plans and problem solve. Students can use one of our horses, carefully selected to be part of our lesson program, or can learn on their own horse. We also offer an on-farm lease program for students ready for a stepping stone between taking lessons & purchasing a horse of their own. Please contact us for more information.

Our instructors are also available for training - we understand that sometimes our clients need assistance training or exercising their horses. Setting up our horse & human clients for success sometimes means working with each one on one so that they're ready to be partners for each other. 

We work with clients to create individualized training plans, and believe that both horse and human progress when they are supported & developed in a positive, knowledgeable manner.



Training Board

We believe our clients reach their goals faster when they are part of supportive, cooperative and safe community. We strive to create this community for our clients whose horses are here for training.

 We also seek to provide the highest standard of physical care for horses on our property, and have experience rehabbing injured & rescued horses, and love to equip clients with the skill set to keep their older horses safe & sound into their golden years! 

Please contact us for a copy of our training/boarding application & contract. For 2017 Only- All horses/riders in a training package here get to participate in unlimited group lessons- FREE! Our goal is to get our riders as many hours in the saddle as possible!  Space is limited, so call or email as soon as possible to learn more or to be placed on our waiting list.


We have many different options for training/boarding packages, We are prepared to accommodate any rehabilitation or training needs you may have. Whether you need a weekly lesson or need you horse fully trained, we have a program that will work for you.  

Are you pressed for time? Let the Lazy Acres staff handle the day to day care of your horse, including farrier appointments, etc, Maximize your time with your horse. We are here to support you and make your riding time successful.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards for training, board and lessons. 

Michelle Kingston talks about what makes her stable unique.

Group Lessons- So Fun!

Group Lessons- So Fun!

English & Western Lessons

English & Western Lessons

Private Lesson For More Specialized Help

Private Lesson For More Specialized Help